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Let’s build the future we want to be in

My work focuses on creating meaningful tools and spaces
to enable life-long learning, happier and healthier lives.

I approach projects as a interaction designer, design researcher, product designer, service designer, product owner and the occasional front-end developer. 

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            What makes some teams just click?

            We’re making tools to help every team become the best they can be, and unleash the hidden potential in every organisation.

            I am responsible for product and design of the set of products and services. Together with the people science and engineering teams, we define roadmaps, prototypes and processes to help every team.

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                What leads to a healthier and happier relationship with yourself?

                We’re making tools to help you understand your body better.  I spent my time developing the product roadmap, teams, processes, design, and direction.

Check the website or better yet, the blog. Check some of the key features, or learn about why we do what we do. Dont forget to download the app and check the premium page.

Hyper Island

            I serve part-time as a Industry Leader for HyperIsland’s Design Lead program. Together with the school’s staff and Hanna Kulin we create a catalyst for life-long learning.

            We curate briefs, organise lectures and workshops and mentor groups within user experience and service design

Check the syllabus, references for subject matter or references for self-leadership. Or read what forbes or wired said about what we do.
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Over the past few years I’ve been speaking in conferences,
in-house events and meetups about design, product management
and a bit of philosophy.

2018 Stockholm, Sweden            
2018 TBD, Geneva, Switzerland
2018 Google, London
2017 IxDA, Stockholm
2017 Hyper Island, Stockholm
2016 Berghs, Stockholm
2015 Hyper Island, Stockholm
2015 Designit, Stockholm            
Windows to another world
Meaningful Analytics
Meaningful Analytics
The role of vision in design
Drawing with a computer
Approaching service design
Approaching digital design
The role of vision in design

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Stockholm, Sweden.

Reach me by mail, phone, instagram or twitter                       

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